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Though I guide chiefly in the City of London and the East End, my London tours go beyond these limits to other areas! These other London tours are listed alphabetically below by district. Please click on the picture to get a more detailed description of each tour. (This will open in a new window.)

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At the Tabard Inn - Caxton 1483 - Charnowalks other London tours

At the Tabard Inn


At the heart of historic Southwark you will find the theme of drink. It is famous for its inns and its place in the hop trade. it has links also with the beer and wine trades. This is an unashamed celebration of hospitality and the serious enjoyment of the grain and the grape.

One of the greatest poetic descriptions of a good glass of wine sets the tone. After this tour, pause as you lift your next glass and reflect appreciatively on the story behind the contents!



Plaque - GC and CS HQ

GC and CS HQ


Covert activities mean many things, but almost always they involve danger. This tour explores sites connected with spy rings and subversion, illegal agents and assassination. Also we see sites connected with the early days of covert activity by official bodies such as MI6, GCHQ and Special Branch.

Join me to uncover some of the big secrets of the twentieth century!


Edward the Confessor - Charnowalks other London tours

Edward the Confessor


At the heart of Westminster are its abbey and its palace. Established by Edward the Confessor, they are at the heart of the country’s seat of power. The nature of that power has changed, particularly after an eleven-year republic, but it has remained within this ancient area.

This tour engages with Westminster as a focus of government and monarchy alike.


Peter Daubenys World of Theatre

Aldwych Theatre


Theatre manager Peter Daubeny brought a world of theatre to the London stage in the post-War decades. From Spanish dancers in 1951 to the World Theatre Seasons from 1964 to 1975, he refreshed the world of British performance.

Illustrated with readings from Daubeny’s reminiscences, this tour celebrates a true theatrical hero.


Other London Tours - Sculpture of Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill


Winston Churchill is one of the most well-known of British statesmen. But how accurate is the public image? How have misunderstanding and half-truth created an illusion that fails to do justice to his achievements as a politician?

This circular tour visits sites in Westminster connected with Churchill’s political career.


Secret Writing - Cambridge Circus Sign

Cambridge Circus


John le Carré and Ian Fleming feature on this literary tour, but they are not alone.

Journey from Soho to Westminster, hearing readings from a variety of authors who have engaged with the world of secrets.

You’ll hear from some familiar voices, but there will be surprises too!


Secrets and Spies - Mansfield Smith-Cumming

Mansfield Smith-Cumming


With the creation of the Secret Service Bureau in 1909, British Intelligence entered a new phase. This is a story of the Security Service (aka MI5) and the Secret Intelligence Service (aka MI6), but also of Special Branch, the SOE and the Cambridge Spies.

We start with the headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service and of the Security Service. We move on to penetrate a world of covert operations to reveal shadowy stories of secrets and spies.


Joseph Grimaldi - Charnowalks other London tours

Joseph Grimaldi


Why is London’s Theatreland in the West End? And what has it contributed to the development of performance in Britain over the generations? Whether initiating development or reflecting prevailing trends, Theatreland remains at the heart of the British theatrical scene.

This is not a plaques-and-statues tour. We move from Patent Theatres to studio theatres in an appreciation of the value of London’s Theatreland.



All pictures sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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