Of Commonwealths and Kings

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The City of Westminster was once no more than a small group of monks on some marshy ground; now it is the seat of the British government, and bears the fingerprints of many monarchs. Its story is one of power and politics. At its heart is the paradox of a monarchy which operates with the consent of the people.

Edward the Confessor - Of Commonwealths and Kings

Edward the Confessor

Oliver Cromwell - Of Commonwealths and Kings

Oliver Cromwell

1042: King Edward the Confessor, the last of the ancient line of the House of Wessex, is crowned king.

Soon, Westminster will come into being.

The story of Westminster is one of kings and regicides, of democracy and terrorism.

It is the cradle of one of the world’s most important democracies, yet it is also the creation of generations of monarchs.

Come to this paradoxical City, to see how the power of kings has been curbed, and how England’s royalty has formed and shaped Old Westminster. The time has come to talk of Commonwealths and Kings!


Details – Of Commonwealths and Kings

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MEET: Outside the riverside exit from Embankment Underground Station.
Duration: Two hours (approximately).

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Pictures sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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