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Charnowalks tour dates – guided tours in the City of London, East London and Elsewhere

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Charnowalks tour - Giltspur Street

PLEASE NOTE – because of the current situation resulting from the coronavirus outbreak, I am converting many of my tours to virtual, on-line tours using the Zoom video conferencing facility.

If you’ve not used Zoom before, I recommend pre-installing the Zoom app in good time (it’s free to do so) from HERE

All tours must be booked in advance.

Click HERE for the terms and conditions for booking my tours, as specified by Footprints of London

Time: Please check the listing for the start time
Duration: All virtual tours take approximately one hour
Charge: There is a fee of £6 a head for all virtual tours, irrespective of customer status; there is a ‘group’ ticket at £12 for two or more persons using the same device

The full Charnowalks schedule – click on tour name for tour details!

Because of the work involved converting real tours to on-line tours, I’m far from offering a full schedule. I’m getting my Charnowalks up as quickly as possible. Please bear with me in the interim!

Do remember that these are on-line, virtual tours lasting around one hour – please ignore meet details and all other similar information on the tour pages!

Monday 30 August at 3:30 pm: Making the Punishment Fit – click HERE to book

Thursday 2 September at 3:30 pm: Dangerous Secrets – click HERE to book

Friday 3 September at 3:30 pm: The Unquiet City – click HERE to book

Wednesday 8 September at 3:30 pm: The Changeling Canary Wharf – click HERE to book

Thursday 9 September at 3:30 pm: To Blackwall and Beyond – click HERE to book

Friday 10 September at 10:30 am: A Most Horrid Flame – click HERE to book

Saturday 11 September at 3:30 pm: The Ripper Enigma – click HERE to book

Monday 13 September at 3:30 pm: Blitz and Beyond in Bethnal Green – click HERE to book

Tuesday 14 September at 3:30 pm: Bethnal Green in So Many Words – click HERE to book

Wednesday 15 September at 3:30 pm: The Unquiet City – click HERE to book

Friday 17 September at 7:30 pm: The Ripper Enigma – click HERE to book

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Dramatic picture courtesy of and © Geoff Kaye (Giltspur Street 2013)

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