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Behind the surface of our day-to-day life is a secret world. This world of spies and assassins harbours dangerous secrets. On this tour we visit places associated with some of the most important dangerous secrets in recent history.

Dangerous Secrets - Georgi Markov

Georgi Markov

Dangerous Secrets - Original HQ of GCHQ Plaque

Original HQ of GCHQ

Spy rings have risen and fallen. Moles have leaked valuable secrets to this country’s enemies. But why would they do such a thing?

For some it was money. For others it was the belief that Britain would benefit from a change of governance.

Dissidents have found that they’re not beyond the reach of the governments they criticise.

And can you trust  even the most seemingly loyal person?

This tour visits sites connected with very dangerous secrets. Some sites seem quite tame – outside a theatre, or a bus stop on a bridge. But each one has something to tell us about the dangerous secrets of recent history.

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Details – Dangerous Secrets

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MEET: In Emma Cons Gardens, on The Cut in front of the Old Vic Theatre (nearest station Waterloo Underground and Main Line Station) – details HERE
Duration: Two hours (approximately)
Finish: at Westminster Abbey, near Westminster Underground Station

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Picture of Georgi Markov sourced from Wikimedia Commons
Picture of GCHQ headquarters, York Buildings © David Charnick 2021

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