Espionage and Intelligence

Tales of espionage and intelligence reveal the extremes of human nature. They tell of bravery and treachery, and they show humanity at its best and worst. Would you risk everything for what you believe is right? Could you betray your country and your friends for cash? The covert world of espionage and intelligence has helped shape our modern world. Meanwhile real secret agents are far from the stars of romantic narratives. Rather they’re the unobtrusive shadows at the heart of the biggest moments of our times.

Espionage and Intelligence - Mansfield Cumming Plaque

Secret Agent Tours

These tours dealing with espionage and intelligence are not handfuls of unconnected spy stories. Instead they expose for you the hidden currents that have helped shape modern history. Certainly there are stories of secret agents, spies and moles. But also we consider the agencies that constitute aspects of British intelligence. Above all, we get past the surface to find the real heroes and villains – and the real victims of this dangerous trade.

Espionage and Intelligence

Dangerous Secrets A selection of tales of treason, sedition and other covert activities

Secrets and Spies An exploration of the shadowy world of the Intelligence Community

Secret Writing Celebrate a secret world of spies, moles, agents provocateurs and traitors, in the words of some  of English literature’s more renowned authors

Espionage Blog Items

Exports and Extinguishers Reflections on how a former MI6 HQ provided Ian Fleming with inspiration


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