The Walkie Talkie Initiative

Julian Walker - Bow: Take a Bow!

There’s a new spirit of guiding abroad in Tower Hamlets! This initiative has sprung up from the adult education course called Walkie Talkie. The spirit is growing steadily, with guides designing tours to open up the borough to residents and visitors alike. To share the stories, and to show the rich visual heritage that is there to be enjoyed in the East End.

Bow RoundaboutTHE COURSES

The Walkie Talkie courses are offered through Idea Store Learning, the adult education initiative offered by Tower Hamlets Council. They offer an introduction to guiding and to the visible heritage of the borough – past and future!

Please click HERE for further details.

Neil Salmons guiding at Old Ford

A workshop group, the Tower Hamlets Walkshop, has come into being through the course. It is devising a variety of projects which will work towards the growth of guiding in Tower Hamlets and the raising of the profile of local heritage.

Tours have included a free tour of Old Ford for the Roman Road Winter Festival (details HERE), and a tour of Fish Island (eastern Old Ford) for a local group of urban ramblers. The group also contributed a tour, ‘What Is Heritage?’, to the ‘Tower Hamlets at Street Level’ weekend, a tour from Bethnal Green to Mile End which questioned what actually constitutes heritage.

Leigh - Chrisp St Mkt crop 02TOWER HAMLETS AT STREET LEVEL

This was a three-day programme of free guided tours which took place over August Bank Holiday weekend 2014, to show just how much there is to be seen in the Tower Hamlets.

Topics included urban regeneration in Poplar, developments in Bow and Bromley and historic crime in Bethnal Green. Details can be found HERE.

Leigh - Bell Foundry crop

If you have an interest in developments in East End guiding as a whole, please take a peek at the Facebook group East End at Street Level. Maybe it’s just what you’ve been looking for?


The East End Preservation Society is committed to resisting the assaults on our local heritage of the Jabberwocks of indiscriminate development.

Charnowalks tour currently on offer for those interested in the East End can be found HERE.

Details of some other guides who offer tours in the East End can be found HERE.

For further information please contact Dave.


Pictures © Leigh Stanford 2014 and Andrew Parnell 2015

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