Old Ford History Trail

Where is Old Ford? The onward march of history has tried to remove Old Ford – its ford has gone, its railway station has gone, and it was swallowed by the parish of St Mary Bow.

But still it survives, and has tales to tell.

Sylvia Pankhurst in 1910

Sylvia Pankhurst in 1910

Wrist guard from Lee Enfield rifle - 1918

Wrist guard from Lee Enfield rifle – 1918


Don’t be deceived by this area’s seeming quietness – it hides tales of war and peace, of industry and leisure.

Old Ford was here before the Romans arrived, but it was Roman industry and commerce that put it ‘on the map’.

Since then, the area has embraced manufacture and distribution, as well as social provision past and present.


Created especially for the Roman Road Winter Festival 2014 by the Tower Hamlets Walkshop initiative, this is a short but full tour introducing you to the fascinating story of Old Ford.

This is a free tour, but please reserve your place here to make sure!

For further information, please contact David.


Images courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

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