Also in the East End

There are various groups and activities which exist to enhance your experience of the East End. Here is a selection: please browse their sites and see how well the East End is served already! (Clix on pix, please!)

Alan Gilbey


East End Backpassages offers unique experiences of the East End, in so many ways.


East End Walks


David Rosenberg’s East End Walks show you the East End’s heritage of struggle for radical change.


Derelict London


Paul Talling has a number of East End tours in his portfolio.


Sean Gubbins


Sean Gubbins of Walk Hackney offers a variety of tours around the London Borough of Hackney.


Sean Patterson


Sean Patterson takes the Charles Booth poverty surveys and explores the Whitechapel of then and now.


Joanna Moncrieff

Joanna Moncrieff guides as Westminster Walks, but she also guides in Walthamstow and Chingford.





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