Tower Hamlets at Street Level

If you’ve ever seen a sign, a building, an open space, and wondered, ‘What?’, ‘When?’, ‘Why?’, ‘Who?’

If you think guided tours are all about stately homes and churches and have nothing to say to you.

If you’ve heard stories about the East End and wondered whether they were true.

Tower Hamlets Arms
These were reasons why, on August Bank Holiday weekend 2014, dozens of people came on a weekend of six free tours in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. They came along to find out what the real East End is all about, past present and future.

On the weekend of Saturday 23 to Monday 25 August 2014, the Tower Hamlets Walkshop initiative gave free tours in several parts of the borough.

Bow take a Bow 02
These tours gave the chance to experience the rich diversity of heritage that Tower Hamlets has to offer: sights and stories which evoke the East End of centuries past, as well as the more immediate past, but also open up many initiatives and developments that promise a bright future.

2014-07-30 02 crop

For more details about the tours and guides, please click here.

This weekend was part of a wider initiative to develop a structured guiding culture in Tower Hamlets. For further details of the initiative itself, please see this page.  More details about the Walkie Talkie adult education course can be found here.

Whatever your background or interests, you’ll find that Tower Hamlets offers the chance to discover a huge range of things to see and hear, and we can guarantee that you’ll get those cobwebby old myths about the East End swept forever from your mind.


Photographs © Leigh Stanford 2014

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