Crime and the Law

I have a portfolio of tours which explore London’s longstanding relationship with crime and the law. I find the idea of crime as an expression of human nature, and of the law as the way we try to protect society, fascinating. Solving a crime, for instance in a book or on a television programme, is an intellectual exercise. Engaging with the realities of crime and the law’s responses however takes you into a more human dimension.

Inscription - Old Bailey - Crime and the Law

Crime and the Law Tours

My tours dealing with the complexities of crime and punishment are not purely salacious trawls through sensational topics. Rather they seek to address the wider contexts.

You may be interested in my study The Dark Side of East London published by Pen and Sword: click HERE for details.


The Dark Side of the Green Crime and wrongdoings in Bethnal Green from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The Ripper Enigma An exploration of the Ripper murders and the issues raised by them.

The Unquiet City More than 800 years’ worth of riot and rebellion in the City of London.

Law and Order

Law and Order EC The unique rôle of the City of London in the maintenance of law and order.

Legal London from Inn to Bar Explore the legal establishment as represented by sites in Legal London.

Making the Punishment Fit The law’s engagement with judicial punishment, particularly the death penalty.

Shadows in the City Tales of grim plotting and some rather imaginative forms of execution.

If you like those …

Rumpole and the Legal Life An exploration, with readings from the John Mortimer stories, of the Old Bailey hack’s experiences.


Picture of the inscription on the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey © 2015 Fayita Bonita

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