Shadows in the City

The Tour

The City of London is an ancient place. For nearly two thousand years people have lived and died there; there have been murders, plots large and small, tyranny and resistance.

There are many shadows in the City!

The Burning of Anne Askew 1546 - Shadows in the City

The Burning of Anne Askew 1546

Not for the fainthearted, this tour strolls through the north-western parts of the City. We hear of punishment, death, and the disposal of the dead.

1762 - English Credulity or the Invisible Ghost - Shadows in the City

English Credulity or the Invisible Ghost

The focus of the tour is public execution. Until the summer of 1868, it was usual for executions to be held before the public, and some of them were curious spectacles of cruelty.

Politics, prison, plague and plots give depth and texture to the tour.


N.B. This tour shares some of the locations featured in To Make the Punishment Fit the Crime. However, while that tour explores the problems associated with the story of judicial punishment, Shadows in the City focuses on many of the curious manifestations of punishment in the City of London’s history.


Details – Shadows in the City

Please go to the SCHEDULE to see whether this tour is currently on offer, and for booking details.

MEET: Outside Exit 1 (NOT the Cathedral exit), St Paul’s Underground Station.
Duration: Two hours (approximately).

If you have any questions about this walk, please contact me


Pictures sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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