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London has been a financial city since Roman times, and these business tours allow you to explore the rich variety of this story.

You may want to explore how the City rose to a centre of organised finance. Or perhaps the new creative economy that came in with gentrification is more your thing? And then there’s always the river. The Thames has been London’s trading artery to the world. But also it brought life and prosperity to London’s East End.

Join me on one or more of these tours to ge to grips with the real business of London!

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Exploring the Business of London

Being a City of London guide I am well versed in the City’s business history and how its practices have changed and developed. Also I guide extensively in the East End of London, an area associated with the growth and development of trade.

The Business City

London’s Financial Heart This tour visits milestones in the development of the City as a centre of organised finance. Beginning with the Royal Exchange we move through to the Big Bang and today’s business ethos.

River to Riches Follow the Thames from the medieval dock of Queenhithe down to the Pool of London. On the way get to understand how the medieval City developed to become a world trading centre.

The East End

To Blackwall and Beyond This tour begins at the former West India Docks and heads to the former East India Docks at Blackwall. On the way we consider the rise of Poplar, and the input of the East India Company.

The Changeling Canary Wharf In 1988 work began to convert the redundant West India Docks into an extension of the City. But as the imperatives of development have changed, so has Canary Wharf.

Huguenots and Other Weavers The principal trade in the Georgian East End was silk weaving. It was a cottage industry, and was to face challenges. But it has left us many traces and some fascinating stories.

Millennials in the Marketplace The new century saw the rise of the creative economy in London’s East End. From Shoreditch, we move through Bethnal Green and Spitalfields and learn of new ways of trading.

Tidemarks from the Pool The Pool of London expanded to become London’s Dockland, but there’s more to the story. This tour also explores how the presence of maritime trade changed the East End.

If you like those …

Much Ado About Trading With readings from plays produced at the time, this tour celebrates how Shakespeare and his contemporaries put the City of London on the stage. Hear of medieval and modern trading methods, and get a taster HERE.


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