River to Riches

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At the height of the British Empire, Britain established a trading network which surpassed anything the world had ever seen. At its heart was London, the great Metropolis, and the Thames – its River to Riches.

But this was the culmination of a journey which began even before Tudor England reached out its trading arms to the world.

River to Riches: The Pool of London

The Pool of London

River to Riches: The Hanseatic League

The Hanseatic League

From earliest times, London has been a trading centre. This was thanks to the Thames, a transport artery connecting London with the world.

But the Thames was so much more, facilitating local trade and bringing a wealth of imports to these shores.

The story of London’s maritime trade is one of kings and pilgrims; of fish and wine. Above all, it is a tale of exploration and of competition.

Come stroll along the River to Riches! Experience how London’s trade grew to embrace the world, and how it owes everything to its river.

This tour is co-authored by Vivien Schrager-Powell and David Charnick


Details – River to Riches

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MEET: At the Garlick Hill exit (at street level) of Mansion House Underground Station
Duration: Two hours (approximately)
Finish: Trinity Square, near to Tower Hill Underground Station and Tower Gateway DLR Station

If you have any questions about this walk, contact Dave

Pictures sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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