I have two collections of short stories available, published through Lulu; they are available as print-on-demand paperbacks and as eBooks. Please click on the pictures for details.


Cover - death in the cityWhat happens when put-upon prostitutes and workhouse inmates take revenge, or a royal corpse goes walkabout? Why do the dead call to us, and who are they anyway?

This is a collection of stories which focus on the proximity of the dead to the living which, in an ancient city like London, embodies the closeness of the past to the present. Tube suicides, theatre ghosts and the dispossessed are among the dead represented here.



Behind the Curtains CoverAs you walk along any street in any town you will see window after window, closed off behind drawn curtains. Is it a happy house or one blighted by domestic tyranny? Is it the stage for romance or for tragedy?

This collection of stories inspired by the domestic setting features cannibals, bingo and a giant cockroach; psychosis, romantic harmony and melodrama.



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