Death and the City

My first book, Death and the City, is published through Lulu; it is available in paperback via this link and as an eBook via this link.

Cover - Death in the City

What happens when put-upon prostitutes and workhouse inmates take revenge, or when a royal corpse goes walkabout?

Why do the dead call to us, and who are they anyway?

This is a collection of twelve stories which introduce us to the dead of London. We hear their voices, and through them we understand our place within the ongoing narrative of history. Just as we remember them, so one day we will be remembered.

To write these stories, I have drawn on London’s folk history. Each story is based on a place or institution which has been part of the local history I have learned while growing up. As such, each one bears a ring of authenticity, both in its historical detail and in its place in London’s story.

The collection has been reviewed by the literary blog jaffareadstoo: you can read the item here.

Death and the City

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