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The phrase ‘the East End’ summons up certain images. Perhaps you think of slums and dark alleyways, with Jack the Ripper appearing from the mist? Or perhaps housing estates and pubs where you might find the Kray twins and other ‘faces’? Yet these images can prevent us from seeing the reality of life east of the City of London, and of its dark history.

Through stories of crime and misdeeds ‘The Dark Side of East London’ gives you a unique insight into the day-to-day life of the Tower Hamlets. From individual settlements to the grim shadow of the metropolis, the area’s tale is told through the dark deeds of its inhabitants.

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These stories reveal what life was like before the East End existed. They reflect also how life changed with the growth of the new metropolis of London. Many will be unfamiliar, and indeed strange, yet they show how the character and notoriety of the City’s famous shadow developed.

Paying scrupulous attention to place, this volume features a wealth of specially-commissioned photographs by Alan Tucker. They allow the reader to locate these stories in the present-day London Borough of Tower Hamlets.


The book was published 23 September 2016 by Pen and Sword History.

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The Dark Side of East London

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