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Bow Roundabout - the Walkie Talkie courses

Walkie Talkie

This is an adult education venture offered via Idea Store Learning, Tower Hamlets Council. It takes the form of three Walkie Talkie courses designed to appeal to aspiring AND experienced guides.

It gives aspiring guides a low-level introduction to tour guiding, with particular reference to guiding in Tower Hamlets. To the experienced guide it gives a thorough and immersive introduction to the original East End, as well as a chance to refresh your technique.

The three courses are offered as two-hour sessions held on consecutive Wednesday evenings.

Part One

This five-week course gives learners an introduction to the basics of tour guiding, and to the history of Tower Hamlets. It entails three classroom sessions, one outdoor tour and a visit to an archive. In Session Five each learner gives a four-minute presentation in class on a pre-assigned topic.

Part One begins on 20 September 2017 – the course outline is HERE.

Part Two

This five-week course provides a greater focus on the development of basic guiding skills. It comprises four classroom sessions and an indoor tour. The course revolves around group work, each group of learners creating a rudimentary tour which they present in class in Session Five.

Part Two begins on 1 November 2017 – the course outline is HERE.

Part Three

This ten-week course builds on the first two parts to develop the learner’s engagement with the practicalities of guiding. It culminates with the learners presenting a tour, each giving a pre-allocated stop. This task gives experience of rudimentary risk assessment and the use of visual material.

Part Three begins on 18 April 2018 – the course outline is HERE.

PLEASE NOTE that the courses are subject to recruitment. If insufficient learners enrol, the courses will not go ahead. In that case, fees paid will be refunded.


The courses are complemented by a supplementary programme of weekend tours. These are NOT part of the course, but are intended to deepen learners’ experience of touring. The tours will be available for learners and their companions at a discount price. Please contact me for further details.

Bromley Recreation Ground - the Walkie Talkie courses


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Photographs © Leigh Stanford 2014

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