The Sinews of Trade

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At the height of the British Empire, Britain established a trading network which surpassed anything the world had ever seen. At its heart was London, the world’s first true Metropolis.

Today the Empire may have gone, but the City of London is still a home for many of the world’s major companies, and is a world centre of finance. This prominent position was not achieved easily. Behind today’s City is the story of centuries of trading.

The Pool of London - the Sinews of Trade

The Pool of London

The Hanseatic League - the Sinews of Trade

The Hanseatic League

From earliest times, London has been a trading centre. As its trading reach grew, so did its significance on the world stage.

The story of London’s trade is one of international relations and imperial ambition.

This is a tale of kings and pilgrims; of fish, leather and wine; of exploration and of competition.

Let us take you along the River and then up into the heart of the City, to show you how from Roman times the world has come to London, and London has reached out to the world.


Details – The Sinews of Trade

Please go to the SCHEDULE to see whether this tour is currently on offer, and for booking details.

MEET: Outside the exit (NOT the entrance) of Tower Hill Underground Station.
Duration: Two hours (approximately)

If you have any questions about this walk, contact Dave

Pictures sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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