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Teaching Guiding Skills

Teaching guiding skills is very much part of my life as a guide. For the past four years I have been teaching tour guiding courtesy of my local authority, but I’m getting involved also with other projects. Indeed, I am finding increasingly diverse contexts in which I can bring guide training to bear!

Such training should not be seen purely within the context of tour guiding. Training in guiding skills develops presentation skills, as well as skills in leadership and people management. It helps develop research techniques such as collating and prioritising material. Moreover such training builds confidence in both teamwork and individual performance.

Tower Hamlets

I teach two courses through Idea Store Learning, the adult education service at the London Borough of Tower Hamlets. These courses give basic guiding skills to newcomers, and they give desirable CPD to experienced guides. To both groups they provide a deeper experience of the real East End.

Interested? Details of the courses are HERE.


I’m becoming involved in various guiding projects. If you would like to discuss ideas for a guide training project, please contact me: details HERE.


In October 2017 I and fellow guide Licia Sisalli trained two groups of Italian school pupils to give a tour in the City of London. The tour was from Tower Hill to St Paul’s. We included some visits additional to the tour project!

George Green’s School

In July-August 2018 I trained some pupils at George Green’s School to present a circular tour of the area around the school. They did the tour, followed a week later by a presentation to the Friends of Island History Trust.


David Charnick tells students about Columbia Market, Bethnal Green © 2014 Alan Tucker

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