A Settlement Called Londinium

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In the year 43 Roman troops arrived in Britain with instructions to subdue the tribes and to bring the island into the Roman Empire. Soon the Emperor Claudius himself arrived in Britain. He accepted the surrender of the tribal chiefs and established a Roman colony at Camulodunum.

Gnaeus Julius Agricola Statue at Bath - A Settlement Called Londinium

Gnaeus Julius Agricola

Boadicea Haranguing The Britons by John Opie - A Settlement Called Londinium


Meanwhile, a small settlement came into being on the banks of the Tamesis river. Around the military camp protecting its bridge, traders began to gather.

Soon this settlement grew in importance. Its name was Londinium.

But then Boudicca arrived with her tribes and burned the place to the ground.

From those ashes Londinium rose again, growing to become the capital of the Roman province of Britannia.

This tour recreates the atmosphere of Roman London as it rose to this prominent position.

We visit places where important archaeology can be seen by the visitor. Also archaeological maps recreate the layout of important sites.

Please click HERE for details of the Museum of London’s Londinium archaeological map!

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Details – A Settlement Called Londinium

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MEET: In the porch of St Magnus Martyr Church, Lower Thames Street EC3R 6DN (take the Fish Street Hill exit from Monument Underground Station)
Duration: Two Hours (approximately)
Finish: Noble Street, near St Paul’s Underground Station

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Pictures sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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