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Philanthropy and London

In a world of inequality such as ours it is important not just to remember but to celebrate the philanthropy of those who have sought to make life more bearable for the disadvantaged and needy. London offers many examples of ventures, past and present, which have done just that.

Ranging from large organisations to ventures beginning with just one person, the stories on these tours tell us that no effort is too small. The common factor is that people made themselves available for others.

Philanthropic Tours

The Battle for Bethnal Green
Bethnal Green was a semi-rural hamlet when it was absorbed by the growing metropolis of London. This tour explores how this East End parish struggled with the problems caused for it by the new urban context.

A Helping Hand
This tour visits sites in the City of London connected with philanthropic ventures. In this way we uncover some surprising helping hands. It shows how helping others begins just by being there.

Reaching into the Abyss
Whitechapel and Spitalfields were places of poverty and disease. But long before the Ripper murders brought the East End to public notice, Londoners were reaching out to the dark shadow clinging to the north-eastern corner of the City.

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Picture of Queen Adelaide’s Dispensary © 2015 Ana Figueiredo

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