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Every day we pass clues to the past, things which have stories to tell us about those who were here before us. But we pass them by without a second glance.

The Aboriginal cricket team in 1867 - Looking for Clues

The Aboriginal cricket team in 1867

Who knows what that gateway is? Is it the entrance to a cemetery holding thousands of graves?

East London's Railways in 1906 - Looking for Clues

East London’s Railways in 1906

Or to a railway station testifying to the great transport ventures of  the nineteenth century?

What about that building: is it a workhouse or a madhouse?

Take a stroll around the borderland between Mile End Old Town and Bethnal  Green. Hear tales of the poor and the wealthy, and of someone who came all the way across the globe, only to end in a pauper’s grave.

Come looking for clues and tune in to the stories that lurk behind them. Many are humble yet they have so much to say, reminding us how fragile our visual heritage is.

The more we ignore these traces of the past, the greater the risk that we will lose them, and with them our sense of continuity.


Details – Looking for Clues

Please go to the SCHEDULE to see whether this tour is currently on offer, and for booking details.

MEET: Outside the Half Moon public house, 213 Mile End Road E1 4AA; near to Stepney Green Underground Station.
Duration: Two hours (approximately).

If you have any questions about this walk, contact me

Pictures sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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