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While the Second World War raged, the people of Britain clung to the hope that one day there’d be blue birds over the White Cliffs of Dover – just you wait and see.

Neville Chamberlain leaves Berchtesgaden - Just You Wait and See

Neville Chamberlain leaves Berchtesgaden

From the first days of the Blitz, the East End of London was pounded by everything the enemy could give it. High explosive and incendiary bombs, and then the fearsome V1s and V2s.

Despite the assaults, the people held together and kept believing.

Coat of Arms of the London County Council - Just You Wait and See

London County Council

Meanwhile there were plans forming for after the war. Not simply to put London back together again, but to create a brand new London.

A London which would turn its back on the past and look to the future.

As the War ended, the Labour Party’s landslide election victory seemed to promise a social freedom never before experienced by Britain’s electorate.

This tour explores the experiences of the Home Front in Bethnal Green. It also shows the impact post-War planning had on the area as it is today.


Details – Just You Wait and See

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MEET: By the Bethnal Green Tube Disaster Memorial, Bethnal Green Gardens. (Bethnal Green Underground Station: Roman Road exit.)
Duration: Two hours (approximately).

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Images sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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