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This page gives you the chance to review all current Charnowalks tours by area and by subject matter!

Charnowalks Tours by AREA

City of London Tours

I’m a qualified City guide, so most of my tours are in the City, the historic heart of London; they can be found by clicking HERE.

East End Tours

I’ve lived in Tower Hamlets all my life, right in the real East End, and my increasing selection of tours in the City’s lively neighbour can be found by clicking HERE.

Tours in Other Areas

London’s a place rich in story, so I do guide outside my specialist areas; to find my current tours in other areas, especially in Westminster, do just click HERE.

Charnowalks Tours by THEME

Before the Great Fire

Being a medievalist, I find exploring the early story of the City irresistible; you can find my tours of London before the fire by clicking HERE.

Crime and the Law

Tours exploring crime and the law evoke aspects of human nature and local atmosphere; please click HERE to find my tours of London’s darker side.


Engineering underpins a developing city such as London, and as such is central London’s story; my engineering tours can be found by clicking HERE.

Espionage and Intelligence

The world of the secret agent offers a unique insight into the human condition; please click HERE and join me in the shadows of Secret London.

Page and Stage

Words are my life, and so I am developing a portfolio of literary tours built around site-specific readings; please click HERE and join me in celebrating Literary London.


A neglected area among guided tours, celebrating the better side of human nature reaffirms and inspires, as you’ll discover by clicking HERE.


If you don’t see what you want here, please contact me with your requirements. I can offer bespoke walks, which may not be as expensive as you think.

Also I am a director of Footprints of London – if I can’t satisfy your requirements, we’ll have someone else who can!

Study of David Charnick at St Katharine’s Docks © 2015 Ana Figueiredo

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