Behind the Curtains

My second collection of stories, Behind the Curtains, is published through Lulu; it is available in paperback via this link, and as an eBook via this link.

Behind the Curtains CoverCharlie Rich once sang that no-one knows what goes on behind closed doors. As you walk along any street in any town you will see window after window, many closed off by curtains. Is this a happy house? Or one blighted by domestic tyranny? Is it the stage for romance or for tragedy?

Whatever your secrets, if you don’t draw the curtains when you’ve got the light on, you’ll get people like me taking a good old look at what’s going on in there. And you’d be surprised what we think you’re up to.

This collection features stories inspired by the domestic setting, and includes bingo, cannibalism, and a giant cockroach.

Image courtesy of and © 2016 Alan Tucker

Behind the Curtains

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