Academic Writing

This is a list of my academic writing to date.


My doctoral thesis is The Rôle of Evil in Old English Narrative Verse, submitted successfully to King’s College, London in 1998.


‘Peter Ackroyd’s Imaginative Projections: A Context for the Creature of The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein‘ appeared in the Modern Language Review in January 2013 (108:1).

For London Fictions, I have written items on Peter Ackroyd’s The Plato Papers and Nigel Williams’ The Wimbledon Poisoner.

My contributions to the Literary London Society’s on-line journal, The Literary London Journal, are:

The Trope of the Tramp: Ackroyd’s Vagrants at the Heart of the City
Peter Ackroyd’s Ghostly Heroines
A review of Berkem Gürenci Saglam’s Representations of London in Peter Ackroyd’s Fiction: The Mystical City Universal
A review of Petr Chalupský’s A Horror and a Beauty: The World of Peter Ackroyd’s London Novels

Conference Papers

I have given papers at the Literary London Society’s annual conference as follows:

Being There: Urban Walking and Ackroyd’s Imperative of Engagement (2011)
A Question of Affiliation: Ceremony as Declaration for Peter Ackroyd and Nigel Williams (2012)
Whoops Apocalypse: Catastrophe Diverted in Robert Rankin’s Brentford Trilogy (2013)
Out of Time: Peter Ackroyd’s Perpetual London (2014)
Sex and the City: Love and Sex Portrayed by Nigel Williams and Peter Ackroyd (2015)
Losing my Religion: Crises of Cultural Identity in Nigel Williams’ Star Turn and East of Wimbledon (2016)


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