A Question of Supremacy

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With the prospect of the Tudor dynasty dying out after his death, Henry VIII decided to do something about it. What he did would have political repercussions for centuries to come, and would oppress the consciences of many of his subjects, some of them even unto death.

Henry VIII by Joos van Cleve 1531 - A Question of Supremacy

Henry VIII

John Houghton - A Question of Supremacy

John Houghton

For some, political jockeying was more important than integrity. For others, conscience was more important than life itself.

Some looked to politics for safety, or to the law, when safety was to be found only in usefulness to the King’s cause. Others stayed true to their faith, even when risking the most gruesome of deaths.

This was a time fraught with burnings and beheadings, with cruelty and betrayals. Trials and executions became commonplace, and honesty was a luxury few could afford.

But it was also a defining moment in England’s emergence as a nation.


Details – A Question of Supremacy

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MEET: In front of the Blackfriar public house, 174 Queen Victoria Street EC4V 4EG (opposite Blackfriars Station).
Duration: Two hours fifteen minutes (approximately).

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Pictures sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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