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To many the City of London is full of hard-headed workers, profit margins and impersonal businesses. We forget that the City is made of people, and that many of them have extended a helping hand to those in need.

A Helping Hand - The Priory of Elsing Spital

The Priory of Elsing Spital

Bankers and merchants, churchmen and artists, all have sought to help those in need. They have worked to promote peace, to encourage reconciliation, and to inspire others to do the same.

A helping Hand - Postman's Park Plaque to Alice Ayres

Postman’s Park Plaque to Alice Ayres

A telephone, a bridge and a terrorist bomb have all been unlikely foundations for enterprises which have sought to improve life in the City and beyond.

Come visit some of the places where, since the twelfth century, London’s citizens have sought to harness the wealth and resources of the City to help those in need.


Details – A Helping Hand

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MEET: In front of the clock tower outside the Bishopsgate exit from Liverpool Street Station.
Duration: Two hours (approximately).

If you have any questions about this walk, please contact me

Pictures sourced from Wikimedia Commons

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